Campus Ministries

Developing strategic partnerships with local churches, bible colleges and like-minded
organizations to provide youth and young people at local Middle and High Schools with
guidance and mentor-ship through qualified and well-equipped leaders, but also offer creative
ways to build relationships with role models and peers alike; organize events, school clubs,
after-school fun and sport activities, and offer a chance to talk about what's important to
them. Carefully chosen staff and volunteers to provide leadership that youth and young
people can rely upon, as well as providing a positive role model.

Street Ministry

Reaching youth and young people wherever they are; not to expect them to “come to us”, but
to reach out to them where they are “hang out”, at Parks, Sport Fields, in their neighbourhood,
etc. Teaching basic life skills, providing an opportunity for a relationship with a caring
adult role model, promoting and developing a positive self-image through Jesus Christ,
creating opportunities for positive peer experience and sharing the gospel.

Developing Skills Program

Youth iCON provides job training and placement programs for youth with a developmental disability.
We believe that providing youth with the skills that they need to obtain a job is paramount in
maintaining their mental health and is a central component of our mission. Youth iCON fosters
self-confidence in their trainees so that they may improve their lives, the lives of others, and
contribute to the community around them.

For a full write-up of the Developing Skills Program, go to our Resources page and download
the "Developing Skills Write Up" pdf file.

To access these services, contact us. We will arrange to meet with the youth / young adult
for an evaluation and determine in which way we can provide training and support.

Event (concert) Ministry

Provide youth and young people with the opportunity to serve at community
events; setting up stage for a concert, or providing volunteer service for a
community event: alongside experienced leaders, youth and young people will
serve their community in a serving spirit, but also will have opportunity to
share the Love of Christ with their peers.

Provide-A-Ride Ministry

Providing youth and young people with adequate and safe transportation to
have the opportunity to participate in programs offered through IYM, local
churches or other like-minded organizations, through experienced and mature
volunteers. Connecting and building relationships with youth and young
people, creating an opportunity to share the Love of Christ.

Additional programs will be added as opportunities arise and volunteer
resources become available..