Ministry Partners

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the following organizations for their support.

The Ledge Christian Revival Society - Our Partner in Ministry


Here at The Ledge, we are passionate about God, His amazing love and the key to a great life that is sourced in Jesus, His Son.  We are certain that you will be surprised to know the hope and peace and confidence that living life with Jesus will bring to your life also. 
Life today is fast and many times unfair.  It can be tough and we all need to find a safe place where we can be refreshed and restored on the inside. 'Ledge' commonly refers to a narrow flat area, with cliff faces or steep slopes both below and above...a place to rest and refresh.  We offer you a safe place.
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at The Ledge you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.
Each one of us craves stability in our lives and acceptance for who we are and an opportunity to discover meaning in our life.  We would love to walk this journey with you and share the truths we have found in Jesus. 

Joyful Celebrations - Our Social Enterprise

Joyful Celebrations includes everything from inflatable bouncy castles, combo units, slides, interactive sport units to face painting and event planning.

Our events range from private parties to fundraisers for schools, clubs and societies. 

We also do those crazy ‘lawn greetings,’ where you get  flamingos or buzzards for your family or friend’s front yard for birthday's and anniversaries. 

Abbsry Tires - Our Valued Sponsoring Partner

Whether you are getting new tires, used tires, a repair, new rims, or an alignment, what is most important to you?...

  • Courteous, personal service?

  • A tire professional who can help you select the right tire for your driving needs?

  • Dealing with an individual you can trust?

Abbsry Tire has been serving customers in Vancouver’s Lower mainland since 1994. They are established in the tire market and have a great reputation in the community and amongst their customers.


If you are looking for exceptional service and the Best Price on New & Used Tires, Wheels & Accessories then look no further than Abbsry Tire.