About Us

Youth iCON… Why? What? How? Where?

Why does Youth iCON exist?
Primarily it exists to connect with the youth culture of today’s world, to show them the Way, the Truth and the Life. Skateboarding, BMX’ing, Sports and Athletics, as with many things in life, are filled with metaphors that reveal God’s character. Jesus told countless stories to explain spiritual principals by using everyday analogies the common people could relate to. Youth iCON uses the same methods to unveil God to a generation of youngsters more familiar with skateboarding and street hockey than farming or fishing.
One of the keys we believe to bringing young people into maturity and avoiding anti-social behaviour is to give them a place to belong to, where they can be themselves unhindered: a place where they feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.
This is exactly the kind of place we want to provide for the young people of Abbotsford with the mobile youth centre van project.
Our dream is to see countless young people make the right decisions early on in live, to secure a bright future for themselves.
Point your kids in the right direction, when they're old they won't be lost...
But it doesn’t stop there, though.
Youth iCON is not introverted: the vision is to replicate what we have done for others, to see multitudes of young people reached effectively through building meaningful relationships.
Far too often ministry is directed to the rebuilding of damaged adults, but if we can catch them while they are young before the “die is cast” and the “mold set” we can set them on a firm foundation and they will face the world with confidence and security to tackle any obstacle ahead.
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

What is Youth iCON? Youth iCON is a non-profit society, currently incorporated in Abbotsford, BC.

It is a youth...                         connection                          guidance                          ministry                          resource                          network                          movement                                              …to anywhere and for anyone who is interested.

A key word floating around churches today is: relevant! Leaders are waking up to the idea that to connect with the world around them they need to be able to understand and embrace the same passions and trends as those outside the doors of their institutions. They have to build bridges of trust that carry people from dark to light! The old denominational walls and introverted church ministries serve to divide people not to embrace them. Youth iCON is a bridge, custom designed to relate to youth and present God in a relevant format. The church may be 50 years behind, but God is not. We are doing our best to keep up with Him!
As an additional note we would like to add that being relevant is not enough, though. Being authentic, too, is crucial. It is kind of like the resounding gong if no love is present. Youth ministry without an authentic love for the young people is a dead effort. Youth ministries are not supposed to be gimmicks to trap kids into following our religion. They are supposed to be extensions and expressions of who we truly are as persons, pastors, leaders, or members of God’s Kingdom. The ministry belongs to God and we must follow His leading in its birth and growth or like the tower of Babel it will fall.
How did Youth iCON start? It started as a dream, was cultivated through experience, founded on faith and birthed through perseverance. Names and dollar amounts are insignificant, but it is important to know that at every level Youth iCON has been the outworking of God’s hand in human lives and continues to follow after His heart.

Where is Youth iCON going? It can go to the ends of the earth if need be. It is about empowering and mobilizing young people and ministers to young people, through relationships. The idea is always to be fruitful and multiply in as many areas and medium as possible. The message, the principals, the morals and the “Maker” remain unchanged, but our methods must constantly adapt to the evolving world around us.